is a fruit peddler sculptor artist and designer interested in form and color. reach out to talk about cats or projects.

People with my surname worked mostly either of both jobs in 19th century New York.

Hi, my name is Anna. I’m based near Aschaffenburg, close to Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

My work combines a background of communication design with technology and user-centered design thinking.

I like to create illustrations and graphic design things like logos, visual identities, books, posters and websites. I love to draw, paint and dance whenever possible.

I’ve been working with tech startups dealing with phases of UX process, from concepting to wireframing and prototyping as well.

interactive installation

the wall

ux, ui + graphic design

starting up

transmedia theatre play

lonely girl

art installation concept


corporate and web design

archi folio

ui, graphic + web design


digital drawings


mixed and personal


lichter filmfest zdf digital
schunck dölker
kks architects mission muse

#1: I love cats, ballet and pasta.

#2: I like to work with friendly and positive people.

#3: I’m an art supply enthusiast.

I run this site.

I’m a wild mix of apulian and silesian ancestry but unlike them I like to work from my home town studio.

I cherish intelligent, candid and contrarian design solutions and put emphasis on quality and individuality.

In my work I try to get rid of unneccessary stuff and clean up as much as possible to facilitate important elements and give people room to breathe.

My services include research, conception and development of design solutions for digital media — eg. for websites, apps and animations — and print — such as stationery, orientation design, brochures and packaging.


Master of Arts 2015 – 2017
Leadership in the Creative Industries
media campus Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Diplom 2008 – 2012
Communication Design
faculty of design mathildenhöhe h_da


Creative Strategies: Design Basics
since 2017, mediencampus h_da

Scientific Progress in Digital Media: Explanatory Video
winter 18/19, mediencampus h_da

German language course
to refugees, spring 2016


Worked as freelance designer, project manager and teacher.

I recently worked a lot with Adobe Illustrator, XD and Photoshop, html and css doing mostly graphic/web and ui design.

I also love to work with traditional drawing and painting tools.

Anna Pellegrino 2019
Designer, illustrator, creative optimist.