You can watch the full play here.

lonely girl

The theater play „Lonely Girl“ deals with temptations of virtual worlds, a person's alienation from the real world and interpersonal conflicts that emerge when the line between simulation and reality starts to blur.

It was developed in the context of the master program „Leadership in the Creative Industries“ and in collaboration with the Schauspielschule Mainz.

The play tells the story of the crisis in the relationship between Louise and her husband John. Louise cannot get over the death of their two children and creates virtual copies in a computer-simulated world. John tries to bring her back into the real life, but she slips from his grasp.

The premiere took place on friday, 31st of March 2017 at 15:30 at Studio Naxos, Frankfurt as part of the zdf Digital VR Lab during the Lichter Filmfest. Afterwards the creators held a discussion forum focussing on audience participation.

In collaboration with Henrike Laser.

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