digital redraw 'frog girl'. check out the beautiful original by the amazing @lanajay_art.


draw this in your style is a trend in the artist community, especially on instagram, where people redraw someone else's drawing in their own style.

Redraws are encouraged by the original artist of a piece and have become wildly popular among both professional and amateur artists.

although not a real dtiys this witch is a redraw of an analog pencil drawing i once did. i continued using its angular line style on the other redraws.

‘bunny’ is my first ever dtiys redraw. original by @_paulapastela.

french cappy girl is inspired by @lovesoup’s original #lovesoup80k.

i added a little cat on this dtiys. the original is by the lovely switzerland-based @beckycas_.

dtiys can help immensely with art block and can broaden your horizon. sometimes, when you are stuck with not knowing what to draw, or simply want to experiment and try something new a dtiys can be a first step. it can be the match that starts a fire.

the little witch is busy casting a spell. check out my original sketchbook pencil drawing here.

Anna Pellegrino 2019
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